DBM’s emphasis is strength and metabolic conditioning. Grand Rapids area personal trainer Debbie Martilotta works with each individual to develop a customized plan consisting of two 30-minute (private or semi-private) sessions per week by appointment. These workouts are aimed at improving body composition and contour by adding lean muscle tissue, combined with a dietary strategy to reduce body fat. The DBM program is perfect for people who want to efficiently optimize their time and their results through true strength resistance training. Getting there requires progressive weight and supervised form.

Debbie will assist you with:

  • Gaining lean muscle and losing fat
  • Assessing your physical condition and tracking changes
  • Setting and reaching your goals
  • Learning proper strength training techniques
  • Getting the most out of two half-hour weekly workout sessions by honing your personalized and progressive program
  • Cost Efficient, 10-session packages for $350 private or $300 semi-private

Benefits of Strength Training the DBM Way:

  • It promotes strong bones. Weakening bones is a concern that all people have to face as they age. The stress that strength training puts on your bones increases their density and prevents osteoporosis, keeping you strong and healthy as years pass.
  • It helps to control your weight. While you might relate weight loss with intense cardiovascular workouts, strength training is just as important if you want to lose weight. Gaining muscle increases your metabolism and causes your body to burn calories more efficiently.
  • It prevents sarcopenia, the loss of muscle as part of aging.
  • It gives you more energy. Like all workouts, strength training increases your stamina and helps you to stay alert and focused. After a few weeks of regular weight lifting or body weight exercises, you’ll notice that you feel more energized throughout the day. Some scientific studies even show that years of regular strength training exercises help to sharpen your focus and keep your mind attentive as you age.

All of these are in an intimate, clean, and private studio in Ada, MI.
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